The WorldWide Association of Equine Dentistry
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Details for joining the WWAED

If you have read through the information on this website and you would like to join the WWAED, then you should click on the link at the bottom of the page or choose Join the WWAED from the menu above.

The WWAED can only accept candidates for membership if they are already practising as an equine dentist. The association is not currently set-up to be able to offer introductory training courses.

The WWAED is the only equine dentistry association that monitors the development of its members throughout their membership. Anybody wishing to join the WWAED, regardless of experience or ability, will need to follow the standard association Joining Process.

The first thing that is required by the association is an application to join which should contain your contact information, your resume or cv and any other details on your work career that may be relevant. The application details should be provided to the association via the Assesment page and should be accompanied by a fee payment through Paypal. All information that you provide to the WWAED will be maintained in the strictest confidence and will not be released to any other parties.



The WWAED will review your application to understand whether you are currently working at a level that would mean you are capable of taking the WWAED Assessment session. If the association decides that that they will not be taking up the offer to assess you then the Assessment fee will be refunded via the Paypal process.



The WWAED Assessment session will be a working session. An Assessor from the WWAED will accompany the individual during a part of a working day. The Assessor will assess a horse prior to treatment and after treatment by the individual. The WWAED assessor will also monitor the individuals’ style when dealing with owners, vets and horses. The assessor will also monitor the overall appearance of the individual and their equipment. The results will be documented ready for the association acceptance decision.



The association will have a review session which will consist of, at minimum, two board members and the relevant assessor. Assuming the individual is accepted, a decision will be made on the ability of the individual to take the WWAED entrance exam. A mini plan will be developed that will outline the areas of improvement needed for the individual to meet the capability level of the WWAED entrance examination along with a timespan that it should be able to be completed within. The individual will then have a status of Provisional Member.



The Provisional member will be required to take the WWAED Entrance examination. The exam will consist of two parts: a Theory element and a Practical element. Upon successful completion of the Entrance Examination, the individual will be upgraded to a status level of Full Member.


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