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The WWAED is an independent association of equine dentists committed
o improving the education of equine dentists and the welfare of equines


As far back as 2000 many of the players in the equine dentistry environment felt there was a need to establish a level of competency for anybody who wished to practise equine dentistry. The key players (WWAED, BEVA, RCVS and DEFRA) formed a working group to establish those standards.

Now, with the WWAED, horse owners are able to identify dentists that have have undertaken the examination process, and have demonstrated their capabilities to perform a range of dentistry procedures to an advanced level. We also have equine dentists that are in the process of achieving the Category 2 qualification. The successful practitioners are monitored to ensure that they maintain their standards and also benefit from a bespoke equine dentistry insurance policy negotiated with Saffron Insurance to provide unrivalled cover for equine dentists in the UK.

We are also the first equine dentistry association that is prepared to take on dentists that are working at a Category 1 level (basic equine dentistry that most horses receive) and monitor and manage them through to the completion of their development path with a Category 2 examination. Category 1 members also benefit from the bespoke association insurance.

The WWAED intend to provide comfort in the knowledge that all the association members are competent to perform at their recognised level, category 1 or 2. Your horse, pony or donkey can be in no better hands.

The WWAED member List can be seen here

The WWAED is the only equine dentist association in the UK that has been approved to offer Category 2 exemption examinations