The WorldWide Association of Equine Dentistry is an independent association of equine dentists. Only equine dentists can belong to the association and all members must conform to the strict Code of Conduct and Standards of Practise that the association embodies.

We do not train people to become equine dentists, we only take applications from equine dentists that already have a business, be that part time or full time. We then utilise our own internal procedures and examinations to ensure that they are capable of performing to the standards of the association.

No other group or association test their membership in this rigorous manner, and we do so to ensure that you the horse owner, and more importantly your horses receive a guaranteed standard of service.

Dentists are only a member of the WWAED if their details are current on our website.


The inaugural meeting of the WWAED was held in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1991 to formulate a cohesive body of professional horse dentists, who could provide the highest level of care and treatment and advanced dental procedures.

The WWAED pioneered three main areas of professional development; A Testing Procedure, A Code of Conduct and the first written Standard of Practice. The WWAED in the past decade, through a self-disciplined approach, has ensured that the Standard of Practice and the Code of Conduct have been revised and restructured as necessary. This is to ensure that the WWAED members are committed to provide the highest level of professional care to the horses while offering the best possible service to the client.

Membership of this organization is a privilege and not a right of an individual.


If an individual wishes to join the WWAED they should apply to take our Category 1 Entrance Examination. Successful completion of the entrance examination offers the individual the opportunity to join the association as a Full Member.

All existing PROVISIONAL members must take and pass the WWAED entrance examination within a time period specified by the association. This time period is to allow members to understand the level of competency that is required and to benefit from any training, if required, to achieve the entrance exam level.

If a PROVISIONAL member fails the entrance examination then they will remain as PROVISIONAL. If a member fails the Entrance Examination three times then they will have their PROVISIONAL membership reviewed and potentially terminated.