The WorldWide Association of Equine Dentistry
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WWAED Category 2 List

The WWAED have been approved by DEFRA and the RCVS to run Equine Dentistry Category 2 Examinations, alongside the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA).

Current Members that have passed the Category 2 Exam

Gary Khakhian Essex
Nat Heal Kent
Chris Warren Sussex
Duncan Gipson Sussex
Phil Armitage Sussex
Fraser Barr Nottinghamshire
Tim Baty Northumberland
Kevin Hallett County Durham
Marcus Headland Yorkshire
Peter Singh Essex
Gary Waters Hertfordshire
Kelvin Williams Kent
Grant Huggan Scotland
Ben Woodhouse North Humberside
Stuart Huggan Scotland
Michael Lennon Northern Ireland
David Ward East Sussex
Graeme Hallgreen-Pauli South Africa
Rob Jones Lancashire

Current Members that have not yet achieved the Category 2 qualification but have embarked upon the Category 2 route
(This could mean that they have enrolled in the Theory Exam, have taken the Theory Exam or are working with existing Cat 2 dentists and vets to obtain the necessary evidence to apply)

Richard Morris Surrey
Martin Fox Hertfordshire
Emma Johnston Devon
Chris Oliver Warwickshire
James Rogers Devon
Sebastian Baker Surrey
Gabriel Hannon Berkshire
Kieran Lear Yorkshire
Charlie Brown Worcestershire
Jonathan Lavelle County Durham
Sebastian Baker Surrey
Dean Routledge West Sussex

Non-Members that have passed the WWAED Cat 2 exam

Carl Duggan
David Waters
Andrea Pole
Chris Morris
Andrea Fear
Stephen Osborne (BAEDT)
Martin Brookes (BAEDT)
Danielle Annable (BAEDT)
Mary Kate Batterbee (BAEDT)
Louisa Fear (BAEDT)
Samuel Oakes (BAEDT)
Clara Peake (BAEDT)
Sally Ann Robinson (Australia)
Peter Singh