Apply to join the WWAED

If you have read through the information on this website and you would like to join the WWAED, then you should click on the link at the bottom of the page or choose Join the WWAED from the menu above.

The WWAED is open to applications from dentists that practise at Category 1 and Category 2 levels. The WWAED can only accept candidates for membership if they are already practising as an equine dentist. The association is not currently set-up to be able to offer introductory training courses.

The WWAED is the only equine dentistry association that monitors the development of its members throughout their membership. Anybody wishing to join the WWAED, regardless of experience or ability, will need to follow the standard association Joining Process.

The first thing that is required by the association is an application to join which should contain your contact information, your resume or cv and any other details on your work career that may be relevant. The application details should be provided to the association using the link below, and your details will be added to our review waiting list. All information that you provide to the WWAED will be maintained in the strictest confidence and will not be released to any other parties.


The WWAED will review your application to understand whether you are currently working at a level that would mean you are capable of taking the WWAED Category Entrance Exam. If the association decides that that they will not be taking up the offer to assess you then the Exam fee will be refunded via bank transfer.

WWAED Entrance Examination

The applicant will be required to take a Category 1 level exam, comprising of a Theory element and a Practical element. The practical element, although stewarded the participants are not supervised, will need to be completed without power tools, in line with current accepted practices.

Participants will only be allowed to take the Practical element of the WWAED Entrance exam once they have been successful in the Theory Exam. If a participant is successful in the Theory element but unsuccessful in the Practical element, they will only need to re-apply to take the Practical element of the exam.

Please ensure that you have a good general knowledge of theory surrounding Category 1 work and also feel capable of dealing with whatever Category 1 conditions are put in front of you in the practical element.


Successful completion of the category 1 Entrance Examination will allow the individual to join the Association as a Full Member.

Apply to join the WWAED