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The WWAED has an industry-leading bespoke insurance policy for all of its members

We have worked with representatives of the Agriculture Insurance Brokers to define an insurance policy that provides the right cover for a practising equine dentist and more importantly, the right cover to give peace of mind to you, the horse owner. This policy is not freely available in the market place and, in fact, is only available to WWAED members.

Our policy provides the standard elements of liability as well as some elements of professional indemnity, which do not exist in any other equine dentistry policies, to ensure that all WWAED members are completely covered while taking care of the dentistry needs of your horse.

While we are against a practitioner promoting themselves via their insurance, as this provides no guarantee of competency, we also understand the need to have insurance, should things go wrong.

In our constant attempt to ensure that the WWAED has the highest standards in the equine dentistry industry, we have negotiated the best insurance policy available for equine dentists and we have made it a criteria of association membership that all members have to have this policy in place.


If any member cancels the policy, the Agriculture Insurance Brokers will notify the WWAED and the member will be removed from our listings until the policy is renewed. Only current members will have this unique insurance policy.